Diane Redden
Multi Media Artist
Zipper "Paintings"
Artist Info
 "Still Life"
"Still Life" was voted as "Peoples' Choice" [one of two] in the "An Artist's View - This is What I See"  show in Truro, Nova Scotia, February 2014. 
(SOLD to a private buyer in New Glasgow, NS)
 "Peggy's Cove Lighthouse"
This piece is representational of the famous lighthouse situated on the Atlantic Coast outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia.  (SOLD)
 "Banana Zip"
This piece depicts a simple yet colourful desert. 
(SOLD to a private buyer in Florida, US)
 "The Parrot"
This piece was inspired by one of Frida Kahlo's vibrant still lifes. 
 "Truro Train Station circa 1928" (SOLD)
This was the winning piece in the 2014 annual Truro, Nova Scotia Art
Acquisition Show, in which the picture was purchased by the town and
added to their permanent art collection. 
Diane has devised another way to express her creativity:  using zippers as a medium.
She meticulously selects and arranges zippers of varying size and colour, (along with the occasional button or two,) and the finished picture is framed and hung as with any conventional painting.
She occasionally accepts commissioned work.  Please contact the artist for more information.
"Frankenzip" was inspired by Boris Karloff's classic interpretation of the monster.
(SOLD to a private buyer in Saint John, NB)
 "Rooster Walk of Fame"
This was a celebration of the quintessential bird's flare and beauty.
(SOLD to a private buyer in North Carolina, US)
A simple spring floral arrangement
(SOLD to a private buyer in England)
 "Tutankhamen's Scarab
Inspired by King Tutankhamen's pectoral.
"Eye of Horus"
Inspired by design from a 22nd Dynasty bracelet.
 "Zipper Kitchen"
A fun piece utilizing bold colours and depth to invite the viewer to look inside.
 "Cottage Life"
This scene was inspired by a property near Parrsboro, Nova Scotia,
along the Northumberland Strait.
"Where the Wild Things Are"
This piece was inspired by Maurice Sendak's children's book,
"Where the Wild Things Are."
Diane was drawn to the light, shadow and vibrant colours of a vintage carousel horse